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We appeal to a very defined and unique demographic.

All of our members are unique to the site, not from a database that is shared across many different sites like a lot of others are. I have only had the site for a few months and most of my focus has been on marketing it, so I haven’t had time to elicit stories from the members, but it is something that is on my list of things to do.

When I first got the site, I sent out press releases to just about every radio station and newspaper in the country. I am trying to do some promotion, link trading, articles, directory listings, etc. I didn’t build it, so I can’t adequately answer that question, but I am constantly trying to find new content and upgrades to add on so that the members have more to enjoy. I guess the main thing is that in marketing for search engine rankings, you have to do it slowly.

As more people move to the internet as a way to find love, more and more dating sites seem to sprout up.

Many of them serve a specific genre that interests a large group of people.

So when I found Redneck and Single, I couldn’t help but take a second look.

It was the first time I’d ever heard of a dating site of it’s kind, and it definitely stands out in the crowd of everyday sites found on the web.

Most things I did know about before, but may not have known all of the intricacies, so educating myself more deeply is a constant need.

Don’t try to appeal to a general market (unless you have a huge advertising budget). And know that the competition is fierce for dating sites so don’t expect to see quick results.

Welcome to one of the quickest growing Redneck Meeting sites around, an Redneck personals service overflowing with tons of exciting new features! There's just something about a redneck boy (or girl).

So when I got a hold of Fred for an interview, I couldn’t wait to ask him about his inspirations and motivations for such a website.

I did eventually find out that he purchased the website from someone else, but he has since expanded it into the fun (and yes, it is free) dating site that it is today. Actually, I bought the site from a gentleman who started it about 3 years ago.


  1. These adult dating sites are meant primarily for those looking for alternative lifestyles, adult-only activities or casual dating relationships.

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