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After the pre-inquest hearing Emma Norton, Liberty Legal Officer and solicitor for Cheryl's family, said: 'We have received new evidence that Cheryl was ordered by an officer to have sex with a private the night before she died. I am human person, you can trust me and that I really live in Gateshead.

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We're already hunting down those academic brain-bricks, but there are some life lessons we can't learn from books... Here are the top 12 textbooks we We here at Spark Life are committed to bringing you cutting-edge journalism of the finest caliber, and nothing—not fear, nor exhaustion, nor the inevitability of defeat—will keep us from that mission.

Private Cheryl James, 18, died at Deepcut Barracks, Surrey, in 1995 and now her family's lawyers say they want the scope of a new inquest hearing to be widened to include new testimony which 'sheds new light' on her state of mind at the time of her death.

Alison Foster QC, representing the teenager's family, told a pre-inquest hearing at Woking Coroner's Court they have material suggesting Cheryl 'may have been sexually coerced or raped the night before, or before the time of her death'.

Pte James's parents, Des (pictured) and Doreen James have refused to accept the theory that their daughter committed suicide using her own rifle and have battled for 20 years for the truth surrounding her death Pte James's parents, Des and Doreen James, have refused to accept the theory that their daughter committed suicide using her own rifle and have battled for 20 years for the truth surrounding her death.

'It is 20 years ago, really almost to the day, that Cheryl died and to the first inquest,' she added.

'The family had almost no access to information to speak of and it is with regret that we feel that that might be felt at the moment about where we are here.

The coroner previously ruled that the inquest will take place in isolation, despite a request from Surrey Police for it to be held concurrently with those into the deaths of three other recruits at Deepcut.

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