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But while we’re all gunning for high scores, here are the 15 games we should probably stop playing so we don’t kill the fun.

Instead of bumping a dating dud off your roster and sliding onto your next suitor, you lie about having to housesit your own apartment.

You allow your hot gent to kiss you with morning breath, but let the sexual tension to slowly build up like wooden blocks.

Choosing between the guy-no-call-ologist and opting for a homie/lover/friend is exhausting.

Still, it seems every time our phones light up, we willingly participate in petty mind games.

And it usually leads to fizzling out after the first date.

Look, when you expect your partner to be a mind reader, dating becomes Trivial Pursuit.

You feel completely unmatchable, so you discarded all your lingering suitors.

That fact that you crush a pint of Talenti and watch “Sex and the City” reruns every night has nothing to do with your relationship status.

Whether it’s hosting quarterly hack-a-thons, taking company ski retreats, building intuitive features, or holding in-office happy hours, the folks at Plentyof have found the perfect balance between working hard and playing hard — and it’s paid off.

Come on, who wants to waste time trying to read between the spaces anyway?

Show good sportsmanship and stop treating guys like opponents.

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