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Thieme reached out to an associate in Philadelphia.

Asked about his ability to understand the proceedings, Thieme told the judge he had studied literature as a graduate student and majored in political science as an undergrad.

He nodded affirmatively as he answered other questions with a simple yes.

Thieme pleaded guilty to two counts: using interstate facilities, specifically cellular phone networks, in an attempted kidnapping and in a murder-for-hire scheme.

According to court records, Thieme hatched the murder scheme in December after the intended victim attempted to cut off contact with him following two dates.

Wearing a yellow jail-issued jumpsuit, his wrists and ankles in shackles, Christopher Thieme, 36, stood before U. Thieme was arrested in January by the FBI after an unidentified associate of his alerted authorities to the plot.

Wigenton in Newark and admitted that he devised the plot in order to steal the woman’s money.The associate, who cooperated with the FBI, introduced Thieme to an undercover agent who posed as a hit man willing to abduct and kill the woman for ,000.Related: Man searched for a date, then for a killer for Paterson woman, cops say During the 12-minute hearing, the judge posed a series of questions to Thieme relating to the rights he was giving up by not going to trial, the terms of his plea agreement, and the factual basis for his guilty plea.During this time, he sent texts with the victim’s address, place of work, her date of birth, height, weight and other physical traits. Operating under the FBI’s direction, the associate recorded a Dec.22 phone call in which he proposed a meeting between Thieme and the hit man if Thieme was still serious about the plot.Thieme replied, “Number one, I definitely still want this” and “Number two, he’s not going to be wasting his time.


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