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Four were refurbished Netgear routers, one was a new Asus router, and one long ago was a small Two Wire router. One is used to turn my Slingbox into a wireless client. They’re amazing little devices.) Some people have different and unhappy stories concerning router reliability. Buying a new router always makes me a little nervous.

Doing business with a store that has a good return policy is essential.

While the R6300 V2 is considered to be pretty good, the AC1450 was given much lower marks by reviewers on sales sites.

password incorrect after updating belkin firmware-85

Password incorrect after updating belkin firmware

The best opportunities are not always obvious opportunities.

Sometimes you have to put together pieces that appeared in different places at different times. Today’s lesson in making your own good fortune comes courtesy of Netgear and a refurbished router model it offers, the AC1450.

For reasons not known to me, Netgear decided to offer one router model under two different model numbers.

They differ only in the firmware that controls router operations.

Eventually, Netgear decided to mass market a factory refurbished version of the AC1450.

Current sale prices for a refurbished AC1450 range from to .This compares to a new R6300 V2, which sells for 0 to 5.One model, the AC1450, was initially offered only by Costco.The other model, the R6300 V2 / AC1750 is offered everywhere else.The firmware that controls the R6300 V2 is reliable firmware. Like all routers, some people say it works great and some say it didn’t work well for them.Personally, I’ve owned six routers over the years and all have worked well. Sometimes the user might have made a mistake in the setup.

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