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Haven is stuffy and as uptight as her bun is on her head. Haven is a self reserved professional who meets a fill in photographer at work..of course is a wealthy individual doing a favor for a friend at the company, on the side.But this is not the Haven her friends and family know.

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Has he let her slip without the fight that was needed to keep her in his life?

By not fighting harder for her, has the damage been permanently done?

I guess you, the reader, will have to find this out on your own.

When a mousy Haven was assigned the task for non-competition, it back fires slightly. Parts of these books will have you so frustrated with the both of them.

Jake quickly sees something from Haven that others do not see. Jake cracks the stuffy exterior of Haven to reach her inner core, in more ways than one. You can understand why they do the things you do..when does one say enough is enough?

They are almost hit with obstacles from the very beginning to the end. Jake never even realized he wanted a steady girlfriend, much less needing someone so much that he feels compelled to consider making them a wife.

So naturally, you enjoy the dance in which he discovers this and he brings on the all consuming love for Haven that only SHE can bring out in him.

Soon enough he realizes he wants it all from her and for her and for them.

The marriage, the home, the babies, the "life" most people dream of..other factors in this world want to intervene.


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