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If you're not currently working and are at home a lot with your little ones, life can be especially isolating as a single parent.

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Wendy says: "It's quite lonely at times and I have felt isolated even though I have friends and family nearby.

But the Sure Start group near has been a Godsend - I only started attending lately but it's such a friendly place."Use our meet a mum section to meet other single parents in your area.

You can get to know each other online, share your stories and experiences and then, when you're ready, arrange to meet up in the real world.

Once your new family routine becomes established and you've negotiated some of the trickier aspects of becoming a single parent, you may feel ready to get out there and meet some new people.

Perhaps you'd like to make some new single mum friends, or you're considering dating again. Take a look through our listings of local support for single parents to find out what groups and organisations are available in your area.

They include organisations that can help with financial queries or concerns, provide support for young or unsupported mothers, counselling and more.

You can also find out what networking groups operate in your area so you can meet other local lone parents.

This can offer a great way for you to widen your social circle and meet other mums or dads in similar circumstances, as well as providing new friends for your kids too.

It's also worth popping into our Noticeboard from time to time, where you might find out about local singles groups or other social events that may be of interest.


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