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Using the buddy system will help you do a dry run of going out on a date.If you are a female, don’t be afraid to take the lead in making the date arrangements and picking up your share of the tab.

You want to have fun, but you also want to maintain your boundaries and priorities.

The great thing about dating someone in your own demographic group is that they have the same types of commitments, or at least they understand them.

Sure, it may be an ego boost to walk into a room with a twenty-something on your arm, but the moments of truth will come when he or she stops at every location to take a selfie, and tells you with a straight face that One Direction is the best musical group ever!

Going out with a group of trusted friends will help you relax and feel good about being “out there”.

Flirt, talk, and laugh; however, stick close to your group and don’t let anyone that you don’t know well hand you a drink.

Times may have changed since you were last out at a nightclub or large party, so be aware of your surroundings and have a plan of how you will get home if your companions are “overserved” at the bar.

If you know other over 40 dating singles, try a practice date with a friend.

So you are over 40 and single, due to the death of a partner, divorce, or just by choice.

Being happily alone doesn’t have to be lonely, as there are many people in your age demographic looking to meet others for friendship, dating, or a possible serious relationship.

Dating over 40 requires a socially warm attitude and a bit of common sense.

The first step is to get out and meet eligible people.

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