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“The mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship is one of the most complicated human connections.

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Step-mom refuses her step-daughter's advances, so the girl hooks her up with another girl, and the girl hooks up with the other girl's mom.

Next, a mom becomes bi-curious, so her daughter gets her into mom-daughter exchange club.

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In each relationship, one of the women involved gave a ‘gift’ to the other woman.”I realized that one of the gifts I could give my husband Steve, is to make the added effort to get along with his family. to “keep the peace” rather than feeling like my opinions were more important to give —hanging onto what I considered to be my “rights.” Sometimes I needed to give voice to my contrary opinions, but other times, I needed just to give grace and let it go.

It’s a matter of prayer and determining what I’ve felt God would have me do.“‘The key thing to remember, is that your son has left you and joined with his wife.

This is what he’s supposed to do, and anything you do to interfere with that process is against God’s will.

In each relationship, one of the women involved gave a “gift” to the other woman.” web site titled, “The Other Woman.”We realize that every family has different dynamics going for it, as well as various cultural differences that can influence your relationship with this important member of the family.

However, even so, we encourage you to please pray that as you read the information given below you will be open to having God teach you what you The truth is, setting aside our will doesn’t come easily.

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