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Not only that but if you talk to one of them they are a third party. Just got a message here from a gal who sent me the identical massage, verbatim, on Jan 27, at MHU. Why would some of these beautiful ladies be looking for a date.

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The guys that know about this website aren’t that many, the ratio is about 67 percent women. That means that the guys are doing a lot of overtime!!

I don’t know about you, but they really get to me, when I find out that a guy is using someone else’d photographs to hook up with the other sex.

I have been through a dozen dating sites and I’d say that at least 20 percent of the members are playing this game. They have admins that actually check that members are not doing this and let them know that they’ll be banned if they keep doing it. Same with the girls, we got all the Dilf’s you can handle, what the heck is a DILF?

it’s a male milf 🙂 OK so the guys want to know how to get laid with a mom in their town tonight, thats not a tough call at all as I can name all the sites you want, but I think that you’re all looking for something that actually works.

It’s another site that guarantees that no one that is not a member of the network will ever find out that you’re cheating.

More At least once in our lives we’ve through that tight, at least thought about having an affair with someone besides our spouse.

I have just one suggestion for you and that is do it the safe way. She went and posted this image of her and her incredible body on a dating site that has no strict rules about taking screen shots of other peoples profile pics. More Well we all know that its a Milf Dating website Duh!

But what many tend not to understand that most of the women that are members and are seeking younger men are actually married, they’re people that have a family life and are looking for some fun, that’s why most of them women use it.

So heres my pick: Dating, Casual, Find and Milfs


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