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It really makes me think about time and people and the experience in living in a brand new old house. For the latter project local architects’ competition and its result was cleared out.The second most important architectural event in the Baltic region was the completion of the renovation of the Latvian National Museum of Art (with a huge underground space – hopefully slated for contemporary art), which was the work of the Lithuanian architectural firm .Dmitri Bulatov, curator (Russia) The works that I find the most interesting are always the ones that do not focus on the appearance of things, exploring the ways in which they relate to the world instead – the ways in which the author brings them out into the world.

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And then there are its parks, like , a lovely and unique community-led public park with rose gardens and trails for skaters and joggers on an old railway site.

I want to dedicate this part not to one single building, but to this grand city for being so brave and inspirational on so many levels.

Julijonas Urbonas, artist and designer (Lithuania) The exhibition architecture for the presentation.

This is not exactly “new” architecture, but it was a significant change to the city, and the quick decision by the new mayor to remove them came as a surprise.

Seeking to remove the architecture of the past is nothing new in Vilnius.

Just in the last hundred years it’s happened over and over again.But there seems to be some renewed energy these days to remove anything Soviet; maybe out of some fear that it might come back from the dead if it’s not removed quickly enough. Daniela Arriado, Media Art Curator (Chile/Norway) I live in Berlin, one of the greenest cities in Europe.Tranberg's buildings always reflect a strong sense of sustainable craft and materiality, as well as enact her idea of architecture as something which generously gives for free and takes part in the life of the city.It is a true joy to live so close to many of her finest works in Copenhagen.Literally, every time I encounter her work, I am surprised by its impact.Raul Keller, Estonian artist Very local - I'm surprised how people are building houses that look from the end of 19th century in my neighborhood, because of the heritage protection of the area. Vytautas Michelkevičius, commissar and curator of Lithuania's pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale After the failure of the Guggenheim project for Vilnius in 2008/2009 (the competition's finalists: Zaha Hadid (winner), Massimiliano Fuksas, and Daniel Libeskind), the starchitect Daniel Libeskind is returning as a phoenix to Vilnius: last winter saw the announcement of his project for the Vilnius (which will house the biggest private collection of modern and contemporary Lithuanian art).


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