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Afterward, the Dragonborn is attacked by three ghosts: one using Flames, one using Frostbite, and one using Sparks.Through the use of healing spells and wards, the Dragonborn must survive the attacks.Eventually, the Augur intervenes and the quest is complete.

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Afterward, the other Master Restoration spell, Guardian Circle, will be available as a Spell Tome for purchase from Colette Marence.

I've asked Colette about additional training in Restoration.

She suggested there are spells I don't yet know, but that the Augur down in the Midden is the keeper of that knowledge and I'd have to gain his approval before I can learn them.

Turanga Leela (born July 29, 2975) one of the main characters in Futurama.

She is the tomboyishly beautiful and very sexy captain of the Planet Express ship.

With a "no rain or sleet" attitude and a "kick-your-arse" grace, this delivery captain is a refreshing source of professionalism to counterpoint the rest of the crew.

For better or worse, the ship runs on her high octane passions, be it because of her longing for family, her love of violence, her commitment to a job well done, or her affection for animals.

Speak with Colette Marence in the College of Winterhold with a Restoration skill of 90+ and the quest "Good Intentions" completed to begin the quest.

Colette can usually be found in The Arcanaeum or the Hall of Countenance.

She tells the Dragonborn to go to The Midden and talk to the Augur of Dunlain.

After speaking with the Augur, the Dragonborn is stripped of all weapons, armor, and potions except quest items, leaving behind only the ability to use spells, powers, and dragon shouts.


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