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There are at least three components to a work of art.

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I explore the elements of space, light, scale and materials through a restricted format.

The subjects are often isolated, cropped or momentary, showing interplay between architectural/man made elements like buildings, tankers, jets and changeable environmental conditions like light, weather, pollution etc.

A grand and mysterious space displayed through a small and intimate scale. The approach is often fluid and adaptable, employing washes and the chemical qualities of oil to disrupt, dissolve, shroud or alter a piece.

This facilitation sets the stage for a flexible outcome.

The small scale of the paintings is a deliberate attempt to engage with the polarity of depicting vast, elusive spaces on an intimate scale.

The simple compositional design, coupled with minimal colour and the unyielding surface of MDF panel, allow the paintings to grow and command more space than their small size suggests.

The overall intent is to present works that are open ended and spare, in scale, content and treatment. Sligo in 2001 and the University of Ulster 2003 with a Masters degree in Fine Art.

For this exhibit 374 artists submitted 977 works for consideration.

Twenty-two works by the following 19 artists were selected by our two-part jury/curatorial process for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Barbara Blacharczyk Chicago, Illinois Brock Cagann Indianapolis, Indiana Laura Carpenter Fort Collins, Colorado Joel Edwards Livingston Manor, New York Kim Flora Cincinnati, Ohio Lili Francuz Fort Collins, Colorado Benjamin Gardner Des Moines, Iowa Daniel Good Oakland, California Amanda Lee Bloomington, Indiana Marc Leone Cincinnati, Ohio Noel Paris Santa Ana, California Allison Reimus Chicago, Illinois Jeff Robinson Normal, Illinois Mary Pat Turner Nashville, Tennessee Bart Vargas Minneapolis, Minnesota Josh Willis Brooklyn, New York Jason Tanner Young Lincoln, Nebraska Boris Zakic Georgetown, Kentucky Angie Zielinski Pocatello, Idaho For Manifest's 8th season we received 130 solo, group, and concept proposals for consideration for six spots in our schedule.

The fierce enthusiasm of so many artists wishing to exhibit in our humble place in Cincinnati was remarkable, and worth pausing to appreciate. Then we set to work as a committee winnowing down so many excellent options to a concise few. And we begin our season with one of them - My work has always engaged with the idea or notion of landscape.

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