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After watching the video of Tomas supposedly making fun of her, Violetta gets upset with him.

Violetta is still made fun of by the Studio's students after she showed up dressed as an angel.

Later, it turns out she has a passion for music, dancing and singing.

But her father doesn't want her to sing after the accident that happened to her mother, María.

She was a famous singer who died in a car accident during a tour commissioned by her father when Violetta was just five years old.

With the help of her new governess, Angie (who is also secretly her aunt), Violetta enrolled at Studio 21 without her father's knowledge.

There, she meets her first love, makes new friends, and meets a rival, Ludmilla.

She keeps building up her musical talent day after day until the final show at the end of the year, where Angie manages to convince Germán, who now finally understands that singing and dancing is Violetta's passion and lets her attend Studio 21.

After she showed up in an angel costume, Violetta is laughed at by the Studio's students. In an attempt to split Violetta and Tomas up, Ludmila edits the video from her recent conversation with Tomas.

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The first season of the Argentine telenovela Violetta started airing in Argentina on May 14, 2012 and ended on October 26, 2012.

There were 80 episodes divided into two parts, each with 40 episodes.

The first part was titled Su destino es hoy (Her destiny is today), and the second was titled Violetta está cambiando (Violetta is changing).

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