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We completely agree and caution you to be extremely wary of anyone who proffers glib excuses why they will not let you witness your dear pet’s most important journey.We suggest you consider what other Crematers may be doing or hiding behind their locked doors.

Please be considerate because after hours staff has no access to our offices and therefore cannot answer questions or advise you about pets already in our care.

So, if your pet arrived through a Vet’s arrangements, you need to call during our regular business hours or send an email.

After the cremation service is completed your pet’s cremated remains (cremains) will be returned in your choice of urn styles.

ONE PET AT A TIME has been our specialty for over 15 years – When we perform a private cremation for your pet, they will be cremated alone. If you would like to be present for your pet’s private cremation we welcome you and your family.

If you choose to make a private cremation appointment we normally perform the procedure the same or the next day depending on prior appointments.

From when we start totally private cremations are normally completed within an hour or two.

We too want your departed companion to return to their home with you. As the late President Reagan sagely stated: “Trust, but verify”.

1960) or we will respectfully pick up your pet from your property or veterinarian’s office.

Our staff will treat your pet with the highest level of care a dear companion deserves; we proudly perform our duties the same way, with or without the owner present.

Please read the options on this site and choose whatever your prefer for your pet’s final journey.

You may call us for consultation on cremations 24/7 as we try to always answer the phone.


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