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And in those movies the good guys tend to be the humans and the hobbits and the cute characters and anything that was ugly was a bad guy. Tolkien’s original source material, which even in the literary world already lords over its counterparts.And that came from the time when those stories were written.” So why can’t other screen fantasies hold up against Middle-earth’s pedestal? Robert Jordan’s, all are long-running series and huge sellers, but to a degree are held back from Tolkien-level cultural impact because of their number of instalments.

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It seems that any time a big-budget fantasy flick is released, they get sneered at as generic, lacking the richness of detail or story compared to But if this sounds like I’m suggesting there’s a critical bias against anything not clearly Tolkienesque, then I’m not.

I think audiences and critics would absolutely embrace a fantasy with a different aesthetic or tone from has proved the latest victim amongst film critics.

It’s easy to look at the Rotten Tomatoes score and assume most critics are panning it (we didn't, for what it's worth), yet reading the actual quotes reveals some respect for Jones’ commitment to the universe, coupled with laments that he couldn’t make all of the dense otherworldly information more accessible and functional for a general audience, beyond sating diehard fans’ own desires to see their beloved world, peoples and creatures on screen.

trilogy he brought everyone in to fantasy and set a level which everyone has been striving to achieve since.

This also handily explains can do huge box office but audiences simply weren’t that interested for films of Narnia’s more obscure instalments.

But merely saying Tolkien kept things relatively brief doesn’t cut it when explaining his books’ timeless appeal.

After all, quotes like “The English-speaking world is divided into those who have read Tolkien didn’t just create worlds and characters.

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