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, we receive a lot of complaints about a lot of companies.

From poor customer service to no service, faulty products and broken promises, we see it all.

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BT also appeared as one of the most complained about companies in a recent Ofcom report.

So what are our members saying about their BT service?

‘Brian’ commented on our site: Switching to BT was a complete disaster.

Broadband speed half of previous provider and half of what BT promised.

To say Customer Service is dire is quite possibly a compliment.

There is absolutely no point phoning Customer Services to find someone who knows what they are talking about.

I have had more wrong advice from BT than I’ve had hot dinners (more of a dogs dinner in their case).

25 calls to BT Customer service over 2 weeks and no effect.

Calls not returned when promised, misleading explanations given and then retracted, 1 week delay to book engineer visit and then he did not turn up when booked – no explanation, no apology. Contact with BT’s Calcutta call centre (now the only option) is frustrating and unproductive.

Impossible to find anyone with responsibility, complaint not escalated when requested. Download speeds of about 2.1 Mb/sec make using the internet arduous and the use of any streaming often impossible.

Like their speeds, BT deserve an ‘F’ grade for achievement.


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