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Our goal is to provide consumers with the information, knowledge and product selection facilitating the ability to select and implement the right lubricant in the right volume, in the right place at the right time.

With a history of developing products that increase performance, extend equipment life and deliver on the promise the product makes, MARYN International continues to strive for the best possible lubrication solutions for your equipment.

Our brand strength is enviable – just ask our customers.

DPAC UK are the expert link between the equipment manufacturers and those needing equipment application/selection sales assistance and services support, specifically M&E Contractors, Facilities Maintenance Contractors, M&E Maintenance Contractors, End Users & M&E Consultants.

MARYN has a long history of innovation in the lubricant and additive package industry.

MARYN is the manufacturer of performance lubricants, additives, environmentally responsible and readily biodegradable finished fluids.

As a solutions-based company we are actively engaged in building solutions for your lubrication needs.

She roosted in the box for the first night on 11th April and the first egg was laid overnight just 12 days later.

With a slightly less then average clutch size, the average is between 7 and 13 eggs, the incubation period of 14 days began with the blue tit hatchlings beginning to emerge mid-May:"The first one hatched just after pm on 12th May," says Dave, "followed by the other four all in the same day.""She left the nest at about am, on Saturday morning, came back but then left again for good at am," says Dave.

"They don't normally leave the nest for longer then an hour, maximum."So, I'm sorry to have to say that we have not only lost the mother but also the oldest chick. With five chicks remaining it was left to the male blue tit to feed the brood: So at pm, on Saturday night, Dave decided to step in and bring the nest box indoors to feed and keep them warm:"They are feeding very well on mealworms from me," says Dave.

Whether you need solutions that are biodegradable, extreme pressure or fantastically cold operational environments, Maryn can provide you with results!

We are continuing to build out our new website where we will have a complete library​ of our MSDS sheets.


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