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The Breach Letter (sample letter) is a formal letter sent to you in an attempt by the lender to avoid foreclosure action.

The lender will refer your case (delinquent loan) to an attorney, usually with 90 to 120 days, who then files a petition in court to foreclose your mortgage and get the lender the right to sell the home to pay off the outstanding balance of your loan.

The average time between attorney referral and the foreclosure sale varies by state.

(State Listing) These are also know as secondary or other lienholders.

It refers to people who have a recorded lien against the property Your primary lender may contact junior lienholders to determine the status of your loan with them.

Once contacted these other lienholders may initiate separate foreclosure action to protect their interest pursuant to the terms and conditions of the mortgage or deed of trust.

Note: Separate action by junior lienholders does not usually prevent you from completing a Foreclosure Workout Agreement with your lender.

Because it's to their advantage, most lienholders readily agree to participate in the workout solution . Fannie Mae provides Special Relief Provisions that attempt to span periods of financial hardship that cannot be resolved by delinquency counseling or with a simple workout plan.

Most lenders follow Fannie Mae's lead and do not object to any reasonable workout plan provided it does not compromise the lien position or come into conflict with any other policy or commitment.

Relief Provisions are normally offered when a delinquency is the result of a temporary condition, such as illness, unexpected expenses, or military service, and there is a reasonable chance the borrower can bring the mortgage current.

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