Liam neesen dating

They had tact and talked about other stuff in between. But anyway, Liam was asked about his Valentine’s Day plans and also asked if he’s regularly blowing out the same coochie with his Irish ham sub sandwich peen.Liam said that he’s dating an incredibly famous woman.

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But now, Neeson seems to be “Taken” with a mysterious, famous new woman.

He also seems to be daring the Internet to figure who she is, forgetting that people on Twitter have a very particular set of skills.

Skills that make them a nightmare for people like Neeson.

Tall piece of Irish hotness Liam Neeson did an interview with The Irish Independent to promote a TV documentary he narrates and the subject of whose sugar walls are getting mashed by his long banger came up.

It’s been 6 years since Liam Neeson lost his wife Natasha Richardson and he understandably says that it’s still a really sore subject and the grief will always be there.

But Liam got happier while talking about Valentine’s Day and his new piece.No, the interviewer didn’t ask Liam about Valentine’s Day right after talking about him losing his wife.Betty White Joan Collins The Snapple Lady Shauna Sand Charo Angelyne Grace Jones Bai Ling La Toya Jackson The Roses Lady of West Hollywood But seriously, there is an easy way to figure out who Liam Neeson’s incredibly famous girlfriend is.All we have to do is keep our eyes open for a famous lady who walks bow-legged, has to constantly hold onto her crotch to keep her vagina from falling out and has a hunchback because a big Irish dick broke her spine.For a celebrity, Liam Neeson is a very private person.You’d have a hard time remembering any reports of him being spotted coming out of nightclubs, getting arrested, or even starting Twitter wars with Wiz Khalifa.


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