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I was wondering if he even knew how to reach me...) Then..several days later a response: hi alison no need to's just one of those annoying circumstantial thingse... ohwever, to give you a heads up, i've started seeing someone i met via matchmaker and i'm quite busy anyway giving our burgeoning but exciting new relationship my full attention (are all you women in New York so inspiring so quickly, or is it just me being a hopeless romantic?

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Well on Match (before their site changed) there was an annoying "wink" system...where men (and women) could simply send a wink withotu an email...

I would occassionally notice a hew wink added to my profile and check to see if ANOYNE interesting would appear.

To my surprise, about 3 months ago...a sweet man from England "winked" me..we had so much in common so I emailed him...we hit it off and a correspondence greww...

While he is from England, he stated "he loved NYC and is looking for a a New York woman who likes the theatre" (me for one) and that he would be visiting NYC soon.

About a month ago, he indicated he would be coming here soon. I finally got up the nerve to give him my phone numbers...

A week went by..while I had given him every possible way to contact me, he sent me a few emails indicating how busy he was..EMAIL, I suggested a day..then, the great blackout happened and no word welkl, eventuallyhe did call me (when I was in the shower, as luck would have it) and I was in shower...(poor me) Then..emailed me (no mention of teh phonecall) and asked me where and when we could meet.I am serious, no phone # ever was given..was impossible to it turns out, due to work, I could not meet him the day I had suggested..I emailed him this...(as I believe the story goes..never responded...It is good to have fuckbuddy who you can contact everytime you need. Singles from Launceston are looking for fun tonight.Many singles and married people use online adult dating websites to find sex partner. Many people prefer casual dating websites, because they want to have more freedom. Buy 10 for .00 click here (direct to chat credits payment summary 10 chat .00) NEED more Credits ?

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