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" will take viewers on a whirlwind journey through modern love and relationships in a way that only Logo can do," Pamela Post, SVP of original programming for Logo, said in a statement.

WATCH: Lance Bass Says He Was Not Invited to Justin Timberlake's Wedding Unlike .

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will follow 13 male suitors living in a house together while they compete to woo and win a bachelor.

The bachelor in question has not yet been named, nor have the suitors, but according to sources he will be “one of the nation’s most eligible gay heartthrobs.” Logo, an LGBT-focused network, is excited to put their mark on a reality TV tradition typically involving heterosexual couples.

Logo will produce the new series, which will featuring a cast of all gay men.

EXCLUSIVE: Erin O'Flaherty Is 'On Cloud Nine' After Making History as First Out Gay Miss America Contestant The show, which is currently in production and slated for a fall premiere, will follow 13 suitors competing "to win the heart of one of the nation's most eligible gay heartthrobs," according to the network.

It is currently filming now and is set to air in the fall.

Lance is an expert in the area, taking his own love to reality television when in February 2015 he married artist Michael Turchin in an a reality show in which one gay man met 15 potential male suitors and chose one as his love, but it had a twist.The man looking for a mate wasn't told that the contestants included both gay and straight men. A cast of all gay men will compete to win the love of one man, which sounds way juicier than a regular old rose ceremony.The guys will all live together and be eliminated weekly until the man looking for love chooses someone.They won’t marry, but will instead commit to an “exclusive relationship.” The show will air on Logo, and is called .In a press release announcing the show, the star is described as “one of the nation's most eligible gay heartthrobs,” and he will have 13 men vying for his heart.


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