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According to his book, Young Sik Kim wrote this account in 1995.

Born in 1935, he was the son of a rich North Korean landowner and businessman.

Although born in North Korea, he was an anti-Communist, and worked for the Americans during and after the Korean War.

Looking back on his experiences, he reflects that: 'I have realized that my anti-Communist crusade was based more on my personal experience than an ideology. The Soviets took the food, factories and other properties left behind by the Japanese which should have belonged to the Korean people.' Now, he describes himself as a 'humane socialist-capitalist', and says that he resents the corruption of the South Korean officials and the racism of many Americans at the time: '[During the Vietnam War] the American people raised their voice when their military committed atrocities against the Vietnamese civilians. Kelly was court marshaled for a war crime at My Lai.

There were thousands of My Lai's in Korea but not a single soul in America has raised a voice of conscience or remorse'.

The Korean War was to defend a corrupt dictator Syngman Rhee and the ego of a weak American president, Truman, abetted by an old fading war-monger, Mac Arthur, groping for his last hurrah.

A civil war which would have been short and relatively blood-less was turned into a major battle ground by Truman.

Young S Kim's website, Kimsoft, was accused on the web of being a fraud 'ghost' site run, not by Young S Kim, but by a number of professionals whose aim was to spread pro-North Korean propaganda.

The site was banned by the South Korean government in 1997. At the same time, Radio Seoul says S Korean army units are advancing rapidly towards Pyongyang and will liberate N. Radio Pyongyang claims major victories and widespread uprisings throughout S Korea. Several US military advisers (KMAG) are taken captive.

June 25 - Pyongyang: Kim Il Sung declares war and N. We are confused but want to believe the Seoul's version of what's going on and expect S Korean units to reach our town at any time. The main thrust is spear-headed by the N Korean Army 3rd and 4th divisions at Cholwon.

June 25 - The invasion starts at 0400 hours on the Onjin Peninsula. The ROKA 7th Division collapses at Cholwon and the N Korean tanks race toward Seoul. The general informs his chiefs of staff - "I am of the opinion that South Korea will not fall in the present attack unless the Russians actively participate in the operation.

June 25 - 9 a.m., John Muccio, the US ambassador to S Korea, cables the State Dept. Bradley, Chairman of the US JCS, hears about the invasion from United Press reporter Dayton Moore. Therefore, if Korea falls, we may want to recommend even stronger action in the case of Formosa in order to offset the effect of the fall of South Korea on the rest of East Asia."He will send a few fighter planes to the S Korean Air Force although those gooks won't know what to do with them.

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