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I believe a good sex life makes you healthy, but I don’t think I can pin myself down to one person at the moment.’ Nigel barely has time to draw breath, flying back and forth each week between London (where he appears as a judge on the show he created – BBC1’s So You Think You Can Dance) and Los Angeles, where he’s returned to American Idol as executive producer, three years after he left the show he helped create – and after the departure of star judge Simon Cowell. It didn’t matter how good Blind Date was if Barrymore was failing.

‘I don’t have to sleep with all my girlfriends.’ All your girlfriends? ‘I can’t because two of them wouldn’t like to know about the other one.

Priscilla Beaulieu Presley (born Priscilla Ann Wagner; May 24, 1945) is an American actress and businesswoman.

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Is nigel lythgoe dating priscilla presley

Eleven years ago, while in Australia, he saw Popstars and brought it back to the UK. I needed someone to be the Mr Nasty character, if the show was going to do what I wanted it to do. He says he didn’t want to do it because he didn’t believe in it. Life was going swimmingly until 2003, when he returned to LA after a New Year break in Barbados with Cowell – and had a heart attack. My heartbeat became arrhythmic so they shot a bolt of electricity through to stop it, then waited a few seconds before starting it again. All I can say is never go on holiday with Simon Cowell,’ he laughs – but it was no laughing matter. I sort of reasoned that I’d been so lucky achieving the opportunities I’d been given, that you have to accept it in terms of the balance of life.’ In 2005, just after Nigel had just produced the first series of the American version of So You Think You Can Dance, he discovered his wife was having an affair. There are a lot of people who are left with nothing.’ Any plans to marry one of those girlfriends, then? ‘But who knows what might happen.’ So You Think You Can Dance is on BBC1 tonight at 5.30pm.

When I was invited back after Simon left, I saw it as an opportunity to start something fresh.’ And to show Simon he’s not God? I know he fancies himself as a producer but I don’t class him as one. Nigel, you see, is the bloke who started all these TV talent shows. In 2001, he left LWT to join Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment group and soon moved to the States to produce American Idol. ‘I’d just got back from Hawaii with Cowell, doing the auditions for American Idol. But the minute I left hospital I forgot everything. He said: “Mum wanted you to know so it didn’t come as too much of a shock.” She was probably worried about me having another heart attack. Just think of the number of people who, when they lose their partner, haven’t got what I’ve got – the career or the financial side of it.

This is, of course, Nasty Nigel from the judging panel of Popstars. The bloke who told the rather plump contestant Kym Marsh: ‘Christmas may be gone but I see the goose is still fat.’ She cried. ‘It was believed he was the be-all and end-all of the show. Idol wouldn’t be successful in 70-odd countries without him in it if that were the case. ‘You can’t have yes people around you all the time. He progressed through the entertainment industry to the post at LWT, where he commissioned and produced shows such as Gladiators and Blind Date. Then his appendix burst and he became desperately ill with peritonitis. Made pacts that I’d always go to church on Sundays. ‘I did get into trouble later when I said to a journalist: “Since I’ve been in America I’ve lost the back of my heart, 15ft of my intestine and my wife – God I miss my intestine.” ‘But,’ he adds, ‘I am very lucky to have a life after marriage.

She’s just gorgeous as a person, too,’ he continues with an I’m-absolutely-smitten sort of smile. ‘I think Simon would have preferred it if the show had been unsuccessful without him,’ says Nigel. Would I like what he has to build his lifestyle around? Not in terms of lying awake worrying if things are going to work. ‘Michael Barrymore came out of the closet the week I took over as controller and I spent three weeks talking to the press about him. I think the next one was explaining why the Gladiators took steroids. I came into it to make programmes.’ Born on Merseyside, Nigel started as a dancer and then choreographer on the BBC’s Young Generation.

Priscilla purchased a large mansion in Beverly Hills. In 1978, she began a relationship with model Michael Edwards.

She invited Edwards and his daughter Caroline to move into her mansion.

They were together for six years before breaking up in 1984.

When his 34-year marriage to wife Bonnie ended in 2007, he struck up a friendship with Priscilla Presley.

I hadn’t necessarily been a good boy through the 34 years.

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