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Nicole Anderson is the owner of Sorella Muse Photography ( and has photographed 9 Hand Made Events to date!

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I’m so humbled by the community spirit that this event brings out!

Creativity: From fashion to table design, so many guests get genuinely invested in the creative process.

Every year it’s amazing to see what different tables come up with, and the creativity is always whimsical and unexpected.

I feel lucky to work with such fun, relaxed creatives like Nicole and Garrett and to be part of something so unique.

After photographing my first Pop Up Dinner, I just remember thinking…I’ve never seen anything like this.

So here are the top ten things I love about Pop Up Dinners!

Communal Picnic: I’ve never turned down an invitation to a picnic.

The best part of summer is al fresco dining with friends and conversations had while sharing meals and good wine on a warm evening.

But what makes the Pop-Up Dinner so special is picnicking en masse.

It’s incredible that an event can create a community for an evening.

As I’m wandering around photographing, I’ve often been invited to partake in the feast, offered macarons and fruit salad, grilled vegetable skewers and glasses of champagne.


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