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later that same year -- has some very strong feelings about the so-called "worst Bachelor ever," Juan Pablo Galavis. "I think the role is more fit for guys who are in touch with their feelings...

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Another topic I was planning to blog about before Leo decided to make his debut, was what to pack in the bag that I was bringing to the hospital. Team Jilly is helping me take these posts to the finish line so that YOU have something to read, get ideas, and ENJOY while I’m busy with my new little man. And I’m so glad that he did because that means I have 2 extra weeks to stare at his sweet little …

I had heard so many suggestions from friends and family as well as some of you on Facebook and Instagram but I needed to do some research of my own!! I was trying to get this post wrapped up before Leo’s arrival but he decided to sneak out two weeks early (which I am SO excited about!!!! The best time of the year is slowly coming to an end …

all about ‘nesting’ and how we were preparing for this bean’s arrival and what do you know…I wasn’t able to finish it because SOMEBODY decided to come two weeks early!!!!!

Then, citing her own experience with Swiderski, she mused that "a big percentage of the L-BOMBS that get dropped on this show..premature." PHOTOS: Celebs who love The Bachelor Harris also took issue with fellow alum Sean Lowe's comment that Galavis had no chance of living a private life after the show.

"Sean and Catherine [Giudici] have a very public life, because they have chosen to do so!

" she wrote, noting that other alum, like Jason and Molly Mesnick, have managed to lay low in recent years.

"Ed and I, on the other hand, stayed in the media, and it was ONE of the factors that broke us up." As for all of Galavis and Ferrell's haters? "Yes, they signed up for it, but does that mean it's okay to full-on bully someone? For everyone who called Nikki stupid, weak, etc., how are you making the situation any better? "Let her listen to her heart and figure out her relationship on her own...

Her biggest issue, though, "is the way the franchise dealt with all [the drama]." "The franchise is a part of me," she wrote.

"I call it my family -- and when you care about something a lot you always want them to take the high road -- I don't think that happened this time." PHOTOS: The Bachelor's biggest moments Harris emphasized that host Harrison had been a "good friend" to her, and that no one could take his place on the show.


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