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After all these years Lu Ann is really THAT into being on the show that she's eagerly kissing someone's butt who just called her a whore and accused her of a ton of other things in front of the cameras? Personally I think Sonja needs a break from the show and either be demoted or fired so I won't miss her. She generally is unflappable to some degree, but I tend to agree that she is kissing ass in her own passive aggressive way. Who was it that showed up uninvited to Ramona's island house a few years ago? They should just bring in Erika from RHOBH for a few episodes.Lu Ann is obviously aware of this so I'm not surprised she made sure she'd be a part of the Mexico trip. So Bethenny does have her own production company, her new Cooking channel show is called Food Porn so you know she somehow got some sort of production thread. I loved Sonja this episode, she must have lowered her dose because she was the only one who made sense. I can't remember who it was, but it was really awkward and didn't go over very well. She has no time for Bethenny and will let her know it.

I really hate Bethenny with the heat of 10,000 suns. The only reason that old hag Carol is still around, is to be Bethenny's support system for the show. Everybody is so busy kissing Bethenny's ass, thanks to Andy Cohen. I felt so bad for her, the way that everyone was making her feel like she was crazy, when truly, she was the most coherent person at that party.

I was really happy that Sonja stood up for herself.

But we all know how it goes with that pack mentality.

If I were Sonja, I would have walked up to Bethenny, and dumped a bottle of her shitty Skinny Girl Margarita, all over her anorexic horse face. Please tell me that this is just reality show crap and not based at all in the real world. She left the psychic party early, claiming she had to pick up her daughter. She seems like she's got true mental deficiency (and that's saying a lot on this show!

Skinny Girl wasn't especially original; women had been using the phrase for years--I'll have the skinny girl version of drink X or all have the skinny girl deserve; Bethenny was just smart enough to trademark it and a brand was born. You can tell that she believes wholeheartedly that she is fascinating and yet I find her wholly uninteresting. First Bethenny accuses Lu of trying to "take her down" and now Lu accuses B of doing the same thing to her a year later. Now she drags Carole along with her, leaving Jules' brunch early, leaving Dorinda's house in her FUCKING PAJAMAS early, and last night leaving Ramona's Christmas party early. )She looks like crap, she's always having a breakdown and she speaks like English is her second language "I made it nice!!! Even if it's an act and she's truly wounded, Life Lesson #1 is "Never let them see you sweat!

I'm so over Bethenny and Carole acting like it's a chore to be around the other women as if they themselves aren't a handful. Why even show up for two minutes if you have so many other plans? "R10, maybe the contract stipulates that the ladies must attend "X" number of functions and stay for "Y" number of minutes. "Why should she let a nothing like Carole and a witch like Bethenny drive her away from something she enjoys and is good at: reality TV fame? Because, if so, then that reeks of Bethenny having too much production pull.Once that amount of time has elapsed, they're free to leave. Don't forget that she's Teflon and that Teflon doesn't burn. Sonja not being invited on the international trip is a BIG deal. If Sonja doesn't end up going, her chances of being around next season are quite slim. I hope Lu Ann is a total slut whore in Mexico, just to piss-off Bethenny and Carole. ANYWAY, someone has already showed up uninvited on an international trip, so Sonja should just do that. Since when does ordinary production not include all housewives, especially when there is drama between two of them?Bethenny flies out of their like a bat out of Hell. It seems to be a trend that if 1 housewife is isolated too often from the cast of the cast, she's gone next season. She is a total gymnast staying in the game, being passive aggressive annoying the shit out of B and Carole and landing a man. I hope she loudly fucks an entire Mariachi band in her hotel room, while Bethenny and Carole are holed up in their room with Montezuma's Revenge. Here's hoping all this demand for power bites Bethenny in her nonexistent ass. The other mistake was having so many of her sycophants on, like Ramona and Carole.That's where Bethenny thought about a "skinny drink", like a "skinny margarita." Also hilarious to think that this shrieking, rude, out of control woman is the same one who wrote a book titled "A Place of Yes".[35] Frankel was Nicky and Paris Hilton's nanny long before there was such a thing as Real Housewives.Being invited to Nicky's baby shower was not the "social climbing" moment you perceive it to be as everyone who knows anything about the franchise already knows this connection. But you're right in that her babysitting past is the only reason she was invited - not that she finally managed to "break into" that social clique of people.Socially, Kelly is still up here and B is still down there - even with all her money.


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  4. Monica was always using Steward Nel as one of the people she needed to see and Nel warned her that she didn't want to end up like 'that Paul Jones girl'.

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