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An Irish man (yes, Irish) has made the internet’s heart melt after releasing a video which he recorded every day over eight months and used to propose to his girlfriend. One of the final clips from the four and half minute video sees Gavin perusing through a ring shop, before we see him retrieve a ring from a drawer and propose to Clara in the reaction slot of the final piece. The entire video plays to the music of Delorentos, who shared the footage on their Facebook page, saying: “This is fantastic and lovely.

Gavin Fogarty took one second clips of every day of his and his girlfriend Clara Burke’s life together to show her “just how amazing life is through my eyes now that I have you.

They are seen watching movies on the couch, cooking dinner, drinking with friends and buying coffee together.

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But now I just see it as kind of a job that’s practical.”Natasha added she gets a kick out of being a sugar baby: “It makes me feel glamorous, it makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel powerful and it makes me feel like I’m in charge of my life.

(It) makes me have that power.”To watch the full interview click here.

Video Dating, Part 2 from Found Footage Festival on Vimeo.

Ciara Doherty from TV3's Ireland AM spoke to two Irish women who have 'sugar daddies' - who are men they date for money.

The women met their sugar daddies through a website called website links wealthy individuals with young attractive women and its popularity in Ireland has been growing steadily since 2014, with a 14% increase in users in the last 2-3 years.20-year-old Siobhan , whose identity is protected, spoke about her relationship with her sugar daddy, compared to a normal boyfriend.“If you meet up with these guys, they offer trips, offer to go shopping.

I don’t think you’d get that from normal guys my own age out there.” Siobhan said.

Siobhan is currently dating a man in the UK, which she says is ‘fizzling out’ and she also has a Dublin-based sugar daddy.

During the interview Siobhan described the relationship she has with him.“He’s giving me €500 a month.

We go for dinner, go for drinks and then just spend the night together,” said Siobhan.“If I’m looking for new clothes for college or a night out with the girls, or I need to go on holidays with the girls, he’ll give me that aswell.”Natasha, who is 19, has two part-time sugar daddies and one full-time Sugar daddy.

Natasha explained why she wanted to be a sugar baby: “Originally it was because it seemed like a very glamorous lifestyle.

There was the handbags, people have holidays, there’s the money.

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