Interracial dating indianapolis

A couple of months ago, a video was uploaded from a group of young men that attend Central High School in Indianapolis.

In the video the young men, dressed to impress in business casual attire, attempted to shatter the notion that black men’s achievements are only pigeon holed to entertainment and sports.

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In the media, black men have been dismissed unless they’re a rapper, actor, comedian or sports player.

Black men who use their intellect as their claim to fame are seemingly invisible on all fronts.

However, it seems like my generation (90’s babies) are starting to turn the tide.

Simply put they don’t want to be locked down, even at an age where it’s a viable option.

In response to this, and the influence of social media growing every year, many black women have taken their dating frustrations and made it a daily trending topic.

Brothers like Steve Harvey capitalized on this new hot topic and became self-appointed relationship experts.

Women flocked to Amazon, Wal-Mart and traditional bookstores and bought millions of copies of best-selling author, a title that every ambitious author wants to take on in their respective careers.

Get the first four chapters of “The Diary Of Aaliyah Anderson” for only .00 today! Man, that’s something that I’ve heard all too many times during my teenage years.

The money goes to promotion and marketing costs for the novel. For years, black women in their early to late thirties and older have expressed their displeasure in the dating scene.

Since there’s only a small amount of brothers that aren’t married, in jail or gay, many sisters have found it incredibly hard to find a man worth settling down and building a family with.

And many of the brothers they happen to get with don’t desire to be in monogamous relationship.

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