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The problem w/internet dating is the huge selection available which makes people completely disposable. (Larry): “If men on do a search for single women within a 10 year age range, and within a 10 mile radius of his home, 350 women pop up.It’s homework to read through all these profiles, page after page, and think of something cute to say to a woman who’s probably not going to respond.”(Larry): “I laughed the whole time.

It’s fun to meet in person, it’s a bunch of friends meeting up at the same time and is a fun evening.

I’ve had people I haven’t seen in a while ask me, “When are you doing your next event?

So even if I find a girlfriend, I’ll have to keep putting on these events until they find one!

” This year he’s expanding the events to include volleyball/kickball in the park and canoeing.

My friend was sooooo nervous about speed dating that she had to order a couple extra drinks, didn’t know what to say to anyone, and ended up having a pretty lame evening.

I did OK, but definitely felt like I was saying and asking the same questions over and over again to several different men.If you are in the San Francisco area and are interested in attending the event, please check out the “Internet Dating Sucks” page at: https:// bring a single friend, and come to the event: Internet Dating Sucks by Dating Revolution Monday April 14th from 6pm to 9pm Mayes Oyster House 1233 Polk Street, San Francisco 94109 Keep checking my page as I’ll be posting “Best of profiles” soon….there are some pretty crazy ones out there! He selected a venue for approximately 90 people and 125 people showed up to the first event, which was in 2012.It’s been about 125 people at every event so far, and this April 14th will be his 4th “Internet Dating Sucks” event. It’s just a bunch of friends getting together in one spot, they can bring any single friend they would like, and just mingle with the crowd.There are no name tags and no awkward ice breakers.“Everybody’s vouched for, because everyone invited is a friend of mine directly, or a friend of a friend.

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