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In an ever-changing dating landscape that seems to offer up a new dating app, a new dating website or a new theory on how to find your perfect match, an umbrella question that is often posed is, Are dating sites real? Are the people on dating sites real or are they fraudsters?

Are their intentions real or are they looking for something other than a relationship?

To protect yourself from fraudsters online, there are some easy precautions to take.

As a rule, we advise anyone that if any manner of a financial request is made of you from an online contact, run a mile.

Under no circumstances hand over any financial details or information to someone you are communicating with online and report that user immediately to the Dating Site.

Largely, however e-Fraud tends towards overnight delivery of goods or e Gift Vouchers rather than services because once a card is reported to have had fraudulent activity, they are cancelled-as is the provision of any service purchased on a stolen card.

Having said that, there are still risks with unscrupulous Scammers gaining access to online dating sites, creating fake profiles and preying on vulnerable users of that site, hoping to extort money somehow.

As awareness of this type of scam grows though, users are becoming sharper and generally warier of any type of financial requests they might receive.

Although we all joke about the standard spam messages we receive from the Prince of Nigeria who needs €5,000 immediately but will repay €100,000 if we will help him, there are still some trusting individuals that can be fooled by a convincing con-artist online.

To begin with, the question of fraud is an ever-growing problem with online transactions en masse.

With the rapidly increasing popularity of general purchasing moving from point of sale to online, fraudsters have followed the money.


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