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This page shows you how to add the structured data that search operators depend on.

You can easily figure out the price for the DVD while dismissing the other prices, but the computer can't.

Some sophisticated programs might find the prices in the webpage, but they cannot determine the rules for finding just the price of the DVD.

Structured data formats are rules that standardize the structure and content of the webpage.

They are markup that you apply to text snippets so that computers can process their meaning or semantics.

The markup does not change the formatting of your website, it just makes the metadata and text enclosed within the XHTML tags more meaningful to computers.

Custom Search recognizes the following formats: tags when generating rich snippets.Google Search does consider information such as microformats, microdata, RDFa, and the page date when it is generating snippet, but it has its own algorithm and policies for determining what information gets shown to users.This page describes the structured data types Google extracts that are available for use in Custom Snippets and Structured Search.When you are reading a webpage that sells a DVD, you can quickly figure out what the title is, what reviewers thought of the film, and how they rated it.But a computer cannot do the same things, because it doesn't understand how the information is structured.For example, if the page has content about the DVD—along with recommendations for other items, ads from other stores, and comments from customers—then the page might have different prices for various things, not just for the DVD that is being sold.


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