Hotwives picture chat room

When we decided to try for a baby, it took some time.

So, amongst all of the bluster, fantasy & bullshit, I have an actual story to tell.

The story is approximately what happened last night more than anything, yet there’s some background to make it relevant, first. We dated for a few years before that, & when we first met, she was working at the same place as my ex-wife (then, my wife).

She was married, I was married, yet there was an undeniable attraction that we had to deal with, even though our respective marriages were circling the drain.

At any rate, a few years back, we were getting bored, I found this site, & the seed that germinated in my mind turned it into a ‘bucket list’ sort of thing. She’d fuck me wild, & when she wanted me to donate her all i had left, she’d lean in & whisper ‘if you don’t cum, I’ll have to find someone who will.’ Time ravages us all.

And then, it was one of my best friend’s birthdays.

He was in a shit relationship, & he couldn’t figure out how to obtain out. It was his thirtieth b-day, so it needed to be memorable.

I received several friends together & we set something up at the casino approximately an hour or so away.

She gained a few pounds, yet it was kind to her, changing her solid b-cups to full Ds, & plumping up her ass.

Yeah, some settled around her stomach & cellulite sucks, yet it’s worth it.

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