Gwen stefani pharrell dating

"At first we had to kind of hide the fact that we were together because no one was supposed to go out with me in the band," Gwen continued, explaining that her brother was very protective of her.

As No Doubt's fan base grew, the romance between Gwen and Tony fizzled out and the two split after dating for several years.

Howard wondered if Tony regrets not ending up with Gwen now that she's become a worldwide celebrity."I think he was really clear that it wasn't meant to be us," she said.

Gwen Stefani made her Stern Show debut on Wednesday morning in an instant classic interview with Howard that covered a wide range of topics and emotions.

Here are the highlights and video clips from her appearance: It's safe to say that Gwen really loves her parents, considering she was willing to live with them until she was 26 years old!

She described her home life growing up as being "like the 'Brady Bunch,' except with no divorce."One of four children, Gwen's older brother Eric was also an original member of the band No Doubt.

She described him to Howard as being "a genius.""He's the guy that sat up all night eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches and drawing."It was his art that led Eric to leave the band before they hit it big, which might not seem like a genius move but his departure was due to him becoming an animator on "The Simpsons." He ended up working on the Fox animated sitcom for 10 years and also did animation work on "The Ren & Stimpy Show."Members have come and gone from No Doubt but Gwen will never forget the day Tony Kanal auditioned to be the band's new bass player."As soon as he got out of the car, I was like, 'I love him,'" Gwen told Howard, adding that she was only 17 at the time, he was only 16.

"It was heartbreak and it just came out of me."One of the songs Gwen penned following her and Tony's breakup was the band's mega hit single "Don't Speak." Even though she's been singing that song for several years, Gwen admitted it's still awkward to perform that track with Tony playing bass right next to her."It's still weird," Gwen said.

"Even last night when I sang the song it was weird."Howard also listened to a few other hits that Gwen wrote, including "Just a Girl," "Rich Girl" (which was produced by Dr.

Dre,) and "Hollaback Girl" (which she wrote with Pharrell Williams).

While Howard was confused as to why she wouldn't want to be a "hollaback girl," Gwen explained that that's someone who responds to bullshit."I'm above that, Howard," Gwen said.

"That's down there.""Hollaback Girl" would become Gwen's first number one single but she and Pharrell were very confident that they had a hit on their hands even before they left the recording studio."We knew," Gwen said.


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