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It also provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project.

There are two subtly different pie chart semantics, a "/" delimiter is assumed to mean "three out of five" and only the first two values will be drawn, otherwise all of the values are included in the chart and the total is the sum of all values.

You can also pass Pie, donut and bar chart colours can be defined dynamically based on the values of the chart.

When passing an array its values are cycled, when passing a function it is called once for each value allowing you to define each bar or segment's colour.

The callback is invoked with the value, its index, and the full array of values - the same arguments as the callback for 0 ?

The site provides social networking-like functions such as feeds, followers, wikis (using wiki software called Gollum) and a social network graph to display how developers work on their versions ("forks") of a repository and what fork (and branch within that fork) is newest.

A user must create an account in order to contribute content to the site, but public repositories can be browsed and downloaded by anyone.

With a registered user account, users are able to discuss, manage, create repositories, submit contributions to others' repositories, and review changes to code.

"green" : "red" } }) $(".bar-colours-3").peity("bar", { fill: function(_, i, all) { var g = parse Int((i / all.length) * 255) return "rgb(255, " + g + ", 0)" } }) $(".pie-colours-1").peity("pie", { fill: ["cyan", "magenta", "yellow", "black"] }) $(".pie-colours-2").peity("pie", { fill: function(_, i, all) { var g = parse Int((i / all.length) * 255) return "rgb(255, " + g + ", 0)" } })var updating Chart = $(".updating-chart").peity("line", { width: 64 }) set Interval(function() { var random = Math.round(Math.random() * 10) var values = updating Chart.text().split(",") values.shift() values.push(random) updating Chart .text(values.join(",")) .change() }, 1000) You can add a custom chart type by registering it with Peity with a name, defaults object, and custom chart drawing function which is called with an options object.

Git Hub is a web-based Git repository hosting service.

It offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.

Unlike Git, which is strictly a command-line tool, Git Hub provides a Web-based graphical interface and desktop as well as mobile integration.

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