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It's not really all that different from what most people do in college—things are just a lot swankier.Some athletes have no problem balancing their professional responsibilities and their partying requirements.But for some, the lure of the ladies, the liquor and the leisurely poolside lifestyle are just a bit too tempting.

A day after a wobbly performance on the beam ended the American's hopes of leaving Rio with a record haul of five golds for a female gymnast, Simone Biles was back on form to capture the floor title with 15.966 points.

Abbey D'Agostino of the United States and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand helped each other up, made sure each was fine, and then took to complete their races, even though both looked hurt and finished much later than the rest of the field.

For NBC, Bolt's run was the pinnacle of its Olympic coverage.

This was one of the world's best athletes, in the world's most exciting event, on the world's biggest stage, on live television.

The USC draft class of 2006 sure had a lot of guys who really value their party time.

Seems that former coach Pete Carroll ran a pretty tight ship in Pasadena.Beofre being signed by the Dolphins, running back Reggie Bush was a regular on the party scene in New Orleans and is now a regular on the scene in Miami.This is why NBC pays billions to air the games: to bring you Usain Bolt. Cam Newton did an interview with GQ magazine and, well, it's interesting.It starts off like any other run-of-the-mill sports story in which the subject talks about the importance of winning. Although it was reported a week earlier that it "appears highly doubtful" that the Miami Marlins would sign Alex Rodriguez, on Sunday the club's president of baseball operations Michael Hill confirmed that they were exploring the possibility of signing the 41-year-old slugger.Professional athletes are a largely young, physically fit and newly wealthy bunch.Many of whom are more than a little eager to hit the local and national party scene to flaunt their celebrity status. It's only natural, particularly early on in their careers, for athletes to kick back a little and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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