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I can be reached through [email protected] questions or comments.

If you wish to use Painterly graphics for modding purposes or for creating new texture packs, please ask first, and if given permission, you must add a credit in the mod or pack, and a link back to this page.

Users may not sell, profit from, or solicit donations through use of any part of this pack, or use it for non-minecraft materials or productions.

The Painterly Pack Customizer is a labor of love, with much of its code, testing and debugging made possible through the help of some very talented programmers who have donated their time to the project - and I would like to take this space to thank Pixotic, Xax, Arcturus, Scaevolus and Deejay for all their help getting the customizer and the site to where it is today, maou for being the best damn server admin in the world, and also cbox, PJB, lizzy, Marux, read, and Monicro for all their assistance in converting the pack to the 1.5 format.

Simply move the zip file the customizer gives you to your minecraft texture packs folder (using the in-game menu) and you're good to go!

Remember to keep your pack in its native zip file format or it will not work with your game.

If you would like to edit or use graphical options within the Painterly Pack in ways not covered by the customizer, you can download the Development Kit HERE, which is a massive zip file containing every single Painterly texture, for manual editing of the pack in programs such as Photoshop.

Users may use this pack with an official liscenced copy of Minecraft only, unless they have prior permission from myself.

The Painterly Pack is a fully customizable, 16x16 graphics package for Minecraft which seeks to improve the graphics of the game, while still attempting to keep the overall spirit of the game intact.

Featuring over 5000 graphics, textures and sprites, Painterly is still the original and largest repository of textures for making Minecraft look the way YOU want it to look.

While the Painterly Pack is free, a great deal of time, effort, and testing goes into the creation of Painterly, and donations help offset the time and resources required to keep it in development, and to offset hosting for the over 2TB of data it moves every single month. If you have to ask this, you're probably in the wrong place.

Minecraft is an addicting little sandbox game created by a fellow named Notch, in which you explore, mine, farm, fight and build in a randomly generated world. Visit the customizer HERE to create and download a pack personalized with the textures, icons and skins of your choosing!

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