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god only forgives when a fragile angel heals his heart ".i am just stating that the glass angel kinda should do the job, but how do i use it?We try to add cool new addicting flash, unity or shockwave games from around the World Wide Web for you to play and enjoy every day, so try your best to visit us often for the latest online releases.

hope i helped :) twinkle you guys know ferris is the handsome guy , but lewis loves the character of princess [rose] alot you guys will cry listening to the story rose had no parents but sakka and lilla were not her parents though.lewis becomes her servant to help rose and gave his parents to her..i am becoming very emotional that guy is so nice wish someone loved me so much like he did..... then, go to the church and above should be a heart. next will say something, click on the answer "um,okay ".

will put the glass angel in the heart hole and say something again. im not finished becca spolier to get the vampire you have to buy an glass angle and then go to the church you will see mr.

toko and above him where the top widow is u will see a heart shape u press on it church and go to the forest and then u will see the vampire the coffin is open ) hope that helped ashley i love this , i love all dating sims. well i guess boys wouldn 't, bot you get what am saying!

but any way awesome work on this p.s on the coffin, it says, "those who commit sins shall be punished.

Elsa is sad because Jack does not love her anymore.

Jack wants to be an attorney and his time with Elsa is short.

Elsa does not like this and until Jack becomes an attorney she decided to leave him.

Play kingdom days sim date game and having escaped from their castle under siege by attackers help Rose and her faithful servant make a new home for themselves in a nearby village. More If you need help or have found yourself stuck then watch a kingdom days sim date walkthrough video guide for hints, tips or a solution in order to fully complete the game. ray to play this is hard i mean i am a boy ..a little but still it is very interesting and i played it 4 or 5 times and i still have no idea how to get the fifth guy ...

Use your mouse to guide Rose as she has 30 calendar days in which to find love and romance with the ideal guy. but it is a great game and the people are well drawn its just great and hard in detail unlock ferris work in the bazaar until you earn enter the witch's cottage. click on the heart above the window at the back of the church.

Don't forget to allocate your charm, magic and wisdom personality points before you start. click on "um, ok" for your dialogue to give the glass angel to the priest enter the forest to find ferris released from his coffin. aki warning spoilers to get something alright keep on reading if you are having trouble with finding the vampire, alright you see those woods behind the church?

click them and you should see a coffin go buy a glass angel and then go in the church in there you'll see a heart click it then go back to the woods then the vamp is there and the coffins open. to get the vampire you must buy the glass angel at the witch 's cottage.


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