Friendship dating com

Find your Soulmante, Prince Charming, Woman or Man of your Dreams.

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There is enough space on the internet to give details.

Have you looked at all these classified newspaper ads and wished you saw a photo?

Let's be honest, most people have an immediate liking or disliking for a date based on the looks.

I wish I could post video and sounds, too, but this is good for starters.

I appreciate donations, I will soon post an address where you can send photos to be posted.

Women get them posted for free or for a small donation, men should donate at least - to offset my work and cost.If you have a photo on your own site you can post a reference for free.I believe that there are not too many women roaming the internet to find dating services.Therefore I will try to seek women and might discriminate somewhat against men.I am sure there are enough men seeking dates on the internet.For the time being, this service is free for men and women.

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