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No, I want to be able to leave my computer logged for a few moment and been sure that nobody can read my received emails (if Mail is not already started) for instance.

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Free adult chat program mac os

Is it possible to password protect a specific Mac application? What you really might want to ask is And the answer to that would be that it's best to completely prevent unauthorized users from using your account -- for example, requiring a password to deactivate the screensaver or after waking the system from [email protected] : This is not a question about security. That makes it so much clearer - just reading the bare words, this took on a lot of ramifications you simply don't have with children and accidents.

For example, I am interested in protecting Mail because even if you cannot retrieve new emails, you still can read all the already received emails. I'm curious if in this case, you just set them up their own accounts or used my suggestion to parental control some of the apps on your account...

I just want to avoid my girl or son to send accidentally emails from my account or prevent them to read some of them. You want to prevent people from snooping in your email (X), so you're asking about how to protect your email program (Y). I just want to avoid my girl or son to send accidentally emails from my account or prevent them to read some of them.

(Or just answer this yourself - you can say what you chose, and people won't likely keep trying to help make answers better assuming you were still looking for a solution)→ Rabskatran: your problem is a basic security problem.

Your need is a basic one: control who read your files (which includes your stored E-mail).

If I rightly guessed your problem ☂, I'd vote for Mike's advice: one account for everyone! Regarding your comment on Paul's answer, wanting to leave your computer for a moment: you have to lock your computer. Open System Preferences, click Security (top row, second to last option), under the "General" tab, check the box for "Require password [immediately] after sleep or screen saver begins".

Then, when you go to walk away from your computer; You can just set parental controls on the account and then determine which apps can be used.

Alternatively you could set a password on your screen saver and also define a suitable "hot corner" to activate the screen saver - that way when you step away from your computer you can just move the mouse into the hot corner to effectively lock the screen such that it require a password to gain access.

RUN_USER = 'johndoe' def get_root_info root_entry = Etc.getpwnam('root') return root_entry.uid, root_end ROOT_UID, ROOT_GID = get_root_info def ensure_root = ROOT_UID = ROOT_GID end def print_user_info [ [:uid, Process.uid], [:gid, Process.gid], [:euid, Process.euid], [:egid, Process.egid], ]do |arr| $arr.inspect end end def set_effective(euid, egid) $"setting effective to #{[euid, egid].inspect}" if $DEBUG # must set group first = egid = euid end def do_privileged(&block) orig_euid = orig_egid = begin $"raising privileges" if $DEBUG set_effective(ROOT_UID, ROOT_GID) yield orig_euid, orig_egid ensure $"lowering privileges" if $DEBUG set_effective(orig_euid, orig_egid) end end # must be called after ROOT_UID, ROOT_GID are set def chmod_files_in_dir(mode, dir) mode_str = nil case mode when Integer mode_str = '%o' % mode when String mode_str = mode else raise Type Error end chmod_proc = proc do Find.find(dir) {|entry| if = dir Find.prune # don't recurse into subdirs elsif File.file?

(entry) $"chmod #{mode_str} #{entry}" if $DEBUG system 'chmod', mode_str, entry end } end # assume that if dir is owned by root, the executables are also.

if File.stat(dir)== ROOT_UID do_privileged(&chmod_proc) else chmod_end end def main(argv) # Important: this is to abort if we're not running as root.


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