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I had previously tended bar at upscale socials, but I couldn’t find any bartending jobs.I then brainstormed to see what jobs I could do from home.Being a “Phone Actress” – the technical term for a – came to mind.

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The next day, Monday, one company contacted me and on Wednesday, another company contacted me.

There began my career as a Phone Sex Operator (PSO).

You can locate PSO positions on a job board such as Sexy or you contact companies directly such as Lip and Chat If you have a corded landline, a headset, a positive attitude about sex, and a sexy voice, you are hired!

Also, if you are non-white and/or have an accent, you are in high demand by recruiters.

Over the past few years, my income had steadily decreased because of the effects of the recession.

I standardly live a debt-free (except mortgage) and minimalistic (no car) life.However, I lost a lot of income sources in June 2010.Therefore, I was looking for replacement streams of income.To apply, you have to complete a standard application and leave a voicemail for the recruiter so that she can judge your voice.If she likes your voice and you pass the standard background check, you are then required to attend a one-hour phone orientation or you are given material to read as your orientation.Then, you are put on the phones to deal with sexually-charged men.


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