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Before the fall of the Soviet Union Russian women did not have the sexy glamorous image they have today.In fact, the stereotypical image of Russian women in the West was either of a thick peasant grandma or of a buttoned down female scientist in out of date clothes and comfortable shoes.Most men in the United States and the European Union couldn't even imagine the possibility of a beautiful Russian girlfriend or wife.

Saint Petersburg was considered more of a crumbling open air museum than a vibrant city.

The rest of the old USSR was thought of as a vast frozen region of thick forests and closed cities where it was almost impossible for Westerners to travel.

No, the Russian bride revolution still needed one more element to explode the old Cold War myths of drab Soviet women. The internet allowed American and European men to actually see photos of the amazing Russian beauties.

Despite what feminists "scholars" later maintained. The Russian mail order bride movement was started by women in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and a thousand of other cities and towns, who wanted a better life for themselves and their children. The first Russian mail order bride agencies actually produced monthly catalogs, sold mailing addresses, and all correspondence took place through the inefficient Russian postal service.

It was a slow painful process as the letter might take two weeks to get there and then you would have to wait two more weeks for a reply, if the mail man delivered it at all.

Corrupt mail men were not the biggest problem though.

The biggest problem was that most Western men couldn't imagine that a Russian girlfriend would be much of a catch.

Russian mail order brides started the modern international dating movement in the early 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union.

And today Russian brides are still the most popular starting point for men interested in pursuing a mail order bride.


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