Eun hye dating 2016

Pastor Gerald put me as the stage designer for the new building because I was an artist.Our pastor had Jordan help me with building the stage because he was experienced in maintenance work. We were working on a project for the church and had to meet up several times to finish our project.Jordan had to pick me up constantly because I didn't have a car.

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I had to build a chair from wood for my art project.

Because I didn't know a thing about power tools and wood we bonded over that.

During all that time Jordan pursued after me, it took like 6 months before we started dating. " All that could come out of my mouth was, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That was the first time I've ever felt so speechless and shocked.

Later on He helped me with the video projects for the church.

During this time we both found out that we were artist.

Jordan had some amazing drawings skills and designs and I was entering my first semester in Art school.For that semester I had a lot of help from him for one of my biggest projects for my art class.We met at Faith Culture Church for the first time on Feburary 2013.It was after service while people introduced themselves when Jordan introduced himself to me.A Few months later we got to know each other a bit more than the initial handshake.The church was going through renovations because FCC was moving to a new building in Round Rock from Austin.


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