Esxi ntp not updating

I’ve recently started placing Ubuntu web servers up on AWS.

The VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and earlier versions of VMware v Sphere components, including ESXi, v Center Server, the v Sphere Web Client, and optional VMware products.

In addition, go to this site for information about supported management and backup agents before installing ESXi or v Center Server.

The v Sphere Client and the v Sphere Web Client are packaged with the v Center Server and modules ZIP file.

We’ll get into all of this in a bit, but before we start FAIR WARNING: I’m not a developer, and you use this script at your own peril.

It creates snapshots & copies data (which both have costs associated with them) and deletes snapshots.

There are lots of things that could go wrong if you do not take the time to understand what you are doing with this script.

After you upgrade v Center Server or the ESXi host to v Sphere 5.1 Update 3 and attempt to connect to the v Center Server or the ESXi host using a version of v Sphere Client earlier than 5.1 Update 1b, you are prompted to upgrade the v Sphere Client to v Sphere Client 5.1 Update 3. You must use only the upgraded v Sphere Client to access v Sphere 5.1 Update 3.

In my case, I just want the comfort of knowing there is a copy of the volume in another region, and I want it to happen automatically.

I came across a few posts which had parts of what I was looking for, but not everything.

I started with this awesome script by Casey Labs which can be found here: Labs/aws-ec2-ebs-automatic-snapshot-bash I modified it slightly to provide more verbose logging, and I added a section to both the “snapshot_volumes” and “cleanup_snapshots” functions.

I also modified the IAM Security Policy to allow for copying snapshots.

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