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Apart from these general considerations, more particular implications from fossil formation and the stratification of rock and coal layers are considered individually below.

Fossilized Dinosaur bones with soft tissue have been found and accepted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Discover Magazine, and the journal Science.

Although the rule is now necessarily being reconsidered in order to allow evolutions theoretical long ages to continue, it was previously considered a matter of fact that soft tissue could not be preserved more than "at the most a few tens of thousands of years." This discovery indicates, therefore, that the dinosaur is not 65 million years old, but most likely less than 10 thousand years old.

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The rate of loss of helium from the atmosphere into space is calculable and small.

Taking that loss into account, the atmosphere today has only 0.05% of the amount of helium it would have accumulated in 5 billion years.

This means the atmosphere is much younger than the alleged evolutionary age.

A study published in The Journal of Geophysical Research shows that helium produced by radioactive decay in deep, hot rocks has not had time to escape.

Though the rocks are supposed to be over one billion years old, their large helium retention suggests an age of only thousands of years." (Footnote: 2) Provides only order, not actual ages, dates, rates, or intervals for rock layer formation or fossil burial.

However, the existence of fossils in the rock layers requires rapid burial, which means that the rock layers had to be laid down quickly, rather than gradually. Most fossils are also formed in watery environments also, including that many marine fossils and marine sedimentary rock are found on mountain tops and inland, away from oceans, rivers, or lakes, indicating that these locations were once under water.All of these factors indicate a massive global or near-global flood, corroborating the historical record from cultures all over the world.Radiogenic helium is a major byproduct of radioactive decay. The quantitative data shows that radiogenic helium in these rocks "had to have been produced in massive amounts about 6,000 years ago (plus or minus 2,000 years)" and the diffusion or leakage rate shows that the amount that has leaked out is only as much as would have leaked out in that same timeframe of 6,000 years (plus or minus 2,000).If it was produced over billions of years, it would have leaked out of the rocks and into the atmosphere.But it is not present in the atmosphere, which demonstrates that radiogenic helium has not been produced over billions of years and, by direct extension, that radioactive decay has not been occurring for billions of years.(Footnote: 1)All naturally-occurring families of radioactive elements generate helium as they decay.


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