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Finally, I had an enduring romance with a Frenchman who I ultimately married.

Needless to say, boys never chased me on the playground.

Instead, they chased Rachel Mc Cullen, a gorgeous, doe-eyed blonde from a family of gorgeous, doe-eyed, -esque daughters.

I figured I finally had my chance at nabbing a playground kiss when a black boy named Paul Brockton transferred into our school. When I got to college in Boston, the playing field leveled.

White guys, black guys, Latinos; no one turned his nose in this culturally diverse city.

However, race played a pivotal role in my romantic story.

My first boyfriend, a white dude from the South, broke up with me after he realized he didn’t want black babies. I had trouble finding stable relationships after him, which I chalked up to my own handicap in picking out suitable mates, rather than any racial issue.Maybe it was the whole “first boyfriend dumps you ‘cause you’re black” thing messing up my mojo.Posted in Uncategorized, tagged biracial, black and white dating, black women marriage, black women relationships, dating black men, dating black women, dating outside of your race, dating white men, interracial dating, interracial marriage, interracial relationships, Lenny Kravitz, mixed, Race and ethnicity in the United States Census, single because I'm black, single black women on May 9, 2011 | 17 Comments » Last week’s guest post about interracial marriage got me thinking.My dating life has always made a political statement whether I like it or not.Not because I spout off Marxist platitudes over dinner or only date vegetarians.Romance can be loaded for me because I’m biracial, with a white mother and black father. As a girl growing up in Ohio, being “mixed,” well, sucked.

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