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The company also said ancillary sales to pay and basic cable, network TV and syndication and theatrical markets were 12.1% of total sales for the nine-month period.

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Net income for the nine-month period was $ 745,000 (35 cents) compared to a net loss of $ 122,000 (6 cents) for the same period a year ago.

Sales for the nine months grew 97% to $ 14.7 miliion, nearly double sales of $ 7.5 million for the same period last year.

During the nine-month period, the company said it released 22 films in to the video marketplace.

Twelve of the 22 films were Prism Pictures’ films and TV films from ABC/Cap Cities and Tribune Entertainment.

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  1. If so, a thousand interpretations of a labels meaning is not going to help. I am curious if other guys make the same distinction since I've been out of the dating scene for an embarrassingly long time. You become bf/gf when you don't have to call up for dates and you just assume that you'll be spending time together except when one of you has something planned for which the other cannot be included for some reason.

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  4. Other things in the platform: approval for a border wall along Mexico, support for teaching the Bible as a historical document in public schools, an order that lawmakers use religion as a guide when legislating, criticism of President Obama as weak, barring women from combat in the military, and a denunciation of pornography as a “public menace” which is harmful to children.

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