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In the late 19th century through early 20th century, there were many manufacturers of high quality cast iron cookware.Cast iron was affordable, cooked really well, and is virtually indestructible if treated with common sense care.Griswold, Wagner and many, many other brands and manufacturers exist for collectors to hunt and debate over which was best.

So, here I was cooking along merrily, with my awesome set of Lodge stuff, happy as a clam and not knowing what I was missing.

Your comments and public taunting led me to believe I may be missing out.

I decided I was going to go find as rough a looking antique pan as I could, restore it and compare the two.

We've all heard tales of antique cast iron's supremacy in the kitchen. The response in email, Twitter, Facebook, and our Boing Boing BBS was interesting.

But could even older stuff be Last week I wrote a brief review of a scrubber I use on my cast iron cookware.

Some gave the expected "OH MY GOD YOU'LL RUIN EVERYTHING!

" And some people I know and respect pointed out, incredulously, my use of current era Lodge cast iron.

After casting, its inner surfaces were smoothed down, unlike todays.

Some say there was a better formula for the iron produced in that time, and that this formula has since been lost. It's not light, but I do think antique cast iron is far more elegant than its contemporary counterpart.

Today's stuff is thick and the cooking surfaces are pebbly.

This finish is great for my wok and dutch ovens, but it takes a lot of seasoning to make a frying pan pancake-friendly.


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