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Script written by Clayton Martino Batman may be the main character, but he’s best defined by his villains!

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Luckily, you don’t have to take the big guy on one-on-one – some well aimed baterangs and ultimately explosive gel was all you needed to dispatch the beast.

Going toe-to-toe with Bane in “Arkham Asylum” was enjoyable, but it didn’t quite compare to the confrontation in “Arkham Origins”.

Bane is one of the few villains who is capable of breaking Batman physically, and this is evident during this confrontation, as he throws Batman around like a rag doll before throwing him out of a window.

What better way to start our list then a showdown with the iconic Man-Bat.

Okay, so maybe Man-Bat isn’t one of Batman’s more well-known villains, but this encounter in Arkham Knight is awesome because it is so unexpected.

We knew this one would be intense right from the opening jump scare, as Batman takes on a mission entitled “Create of the Night”.While Man-Bat isn’t an overly difficult boss, you do need to use your detective skills to trace his origin to create an anecdote for his condition, and having to attack him mid-air is a cool change-up to your average button-masher battle. and this might surprise PC gamers this was probably the best boss battle from Arkham Knight.In the Arkham series, typically Batman is the predator who attacks unsuspecting henchmen and villains.In this boss battle, however, the roles are reversed, as Batman becomes the blind prey amidst Killer Croc’s underground sewer lair.Making things even more difficult was the fact that Croc was able to detect Batman’s movement, requiring the player to move slowly across the wooden planks to avoid attracting attention.Croc would appear at various times, attacking from the front without warning or chasing you down from behind while destroying the wooden planks.


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