Dating trust god

All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirit.

Maybe it was that contract you signed without reading it carefully.

Maybe it was that business deal you entered into that you should have taken more time to consider.

Whatever the decision may have been, you regretted it later.

Trust that He loves you deeply, like we love our children, times a million, and wants nothing more than for you to delight in Him and the life He’s blessed you with.

Trust that His plan is better than our own and His wisdom is far greater than our own.

Give Jesus the thrown of your heart and life, delight in Him, pursue Him above all others, love Him above all others, follow Him and He will lead you to the desires of your heart at the perfect time in His perfect way.“The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.How many times I laid awake uneasy, battling God over my love life, wondering when God would make it happen and fighting the desire to make it happen myself.Or in the beginning, when I was dating my daughter’s father and God told me to walk away – breaking apart my daughter’s chance of a whole family, leaving the comfort of a relationship, knowing that this meant God wanted me to date Him, essentially, and learn who I really was in Him, single, without any man to sway me or mold me into their perfect companion (which I always did). It was easily the most life-changing, surreal, validating, and rewarding experience of my life as well.If you have strong desires in you heart that have only grown stronger in your walk with Christ, then those are desires He promises to fulfill, but on His time.The days when you feel discouraged or wonder if God cares about how badly you want it, pray hard, ask Him for encouragement, and once again (I have to do this on a daily basis basically) release that desire into God’s hands.


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